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Lan Ha Bay is located in the Northem of Halong Bay wich contains ranges of mountains and island with various shapes. With 139 beautiful, small and pristine sandy beaches, many of wich lie between two stone mountains, Lan Ha Bay is not only famous for its fabulous beauty but also well-known for its unique culture of local fishermen with numerous floating villages.

Lan Ha Bay has become an indispensable destination thanks to its inspoiled and magnificent natural beauty. You will be charmed by the breath taking view of the bay and soon you will forget all the stresses of your busy life. Wandering on the azure – blue beach, breathing in the ocean breeze and enjoying the tropical sunlight, along with a kayaking trip and maybe even some fishing, your trip to Lan a Bay will surely be a long lasting memory


Rugged, craggy and jungle-clad Cat Ba, the largest island in Halong Bay, has experienced a tourism surge in recent years. The central hub of Cat Ba Town is now framed by a chain of low-rise concrete hotels along its once-lovely bay, but the rest of the island is largely untouched and as wild as ever. With idyllic Lan Ha Bay just offshore you'll soon overlook Cat Ba Town's overdevelopment.

Almost half of Cat Ba Island (with a total area of 354 sq km) and 90 sq km of the adjacent waters were declared a national park in 1986 to protect the island’s diverse ecosystems. Most of the coastline consists of rocky cliffs, but there are some sandy beaches and tiny fishing villages hidden away in small coves.

Lakes, waterfalls and grottoes dot the spectacular limestone hills, the highest rising 331m above sea level. The island’s largest body of water is Ech Lake (3 hectares).